So easy yet so good

Cook tasty home-cooked meals all week for your family without toiling away in the kitchen.

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Does this look like you?

Does cooking dinner feel stressful to you?

Is packing lunches an extra chore for you?

Do you end up ordering out as a last resort?

Are you struggling with what to feed your family?

Now, imagine this.

Would you love to enjoy cooking because it's so easy yet tasty?

Would you love to feel calm during mealtime because you know exactly what to do?

Would you love to feed nourishing home-cooked meals to your kids without stress?


Preparing home-cooked meals for your family can become second nature with the right approach.

A cooking course created by a mom

I'm not here to give you nutritional guidance or teach you how to run a restaurant.

I'm here to share what I learned as a mom who struggled so many hours in the kitchen until I found a method that works for me. When I say that my focus is on a mom's perspective, I don't mean just my children. I'm talking about me. I wanted to be happy in my kitchen. And I'm here to share with you what I discovered.

Comments like this inspired me to create this course.

 Because cooking for your family CAN BE EASY AND ENJOYABLE.


Learn how to make simple homecooked meals for your whole family. One meal that is kid and adult friendly.



Reduce overwhelm in the kitchen by planning and cooking smarter.



Step by step video tutorials for novice cooks and visual learners.


Are you ready to bring joy and peace to your kitchen?

Hi, I'm Heejee.

I'm a content creator, recipe developer, food photographer, and most importantly, a mom to two young kids. I started this journey by sharing my daughter's meals on Instagram ( 5 years ago. My focus has been on creating kids and family-friendly recipes that could get a thumbs up from my two-year-old, kindergartner, and hubby.

However, even after sharing countless recipes online, developing over a hundred commissioned recipes as a recipe developer, and trying many recipes as a food photographer, I was still struggling with this dreaded question: what should I cook?

I realized that having access to recipes alone does not solve this problem. I needed a plan- a strategy- that works from a mother's perspective. I understand how busy modern-day moms are. Staying at home with young kids all day overwhelmed and stretched thin, working full-time outside the house and coming home to fix dinner as quickly as possible. I've been through it myself. This course was created with busy parents in mind.

"My 2 young kids have loved every meal, which is practically a miracle!"

What is included in this course

  • This course teaches you how to cook a week of meals (5 lunches + 5 dinners,) complete with a grocery list, prepping steps, recipes, and video tutorials.
  • We will learn how to cook chicken, pasta, salmon, tofu, meatballs, and more in a simple yet tasty method.
  • We will learn tips on how to streamline the cooking process to make all weekday dinners in less than 40 minutes.
  • You will get VIP email access to me for questions on this course.
  • On top of that, you will be automatically enrolled in my "Exploring Flavors" course with no added cost for this limited time only. I'm planning to build this course into a membership site this summer-fall.
  • This course is not a nutrition guide or a baby feeding guide. Recipes are developed for kids 2 years+ to adults. This course is not suitable for babies under 2.

"It's simple and methodical, yet flavorful!"

You get so much more than what you get from free online content.

Let me spill the beans. As a content creator, it's essential to play the algorithm game. Or else no one will even see our content! That means sharing what is trending, keeping the content short and catchy, getting people talking and sharing, and we can't forget the brand endorsements.

My online course is a space free from all that, focused on the most practical and helpful tips and recipes. And by joining my course, you will be on my priority list for any questions and feedback.

Plus, when you join now, you will be automatically enrolled in my "Exploring Flavors" course for free, which I'm planning to build out as a membership site this summer-fall.

"By far the most helpful course I've taken!"

You save money when you have a plan

Have you ever gone grocery shopping, spent hundreds of dollars, but ended up not having enough food for the week? When was the last time you resorted to last-minute take-out? No, not from the restaurant you've been craving for a while; that's worth it. I'm talking about the last-minute ones that messed up your stomach, and you ended up regretting it after spending $$.

A solid meal routine and a grocery list can save you money week after week.

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  • Bonus enrollment to Exploring Flavors
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  • Bonus enrollment to Exploring Flavors
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